What to do in NuTokyo

"Whether you're shopping, browsing, visiting sights or just making enemies, there's something for everyone in NuTokyo!" - Alexus Mai

There are many ways to enjoy your stay in NuTokyo! From dining out at our fine restaurants, visiting the Hologardens of Babylon or just walking the streets looking for adventures! To get you started, here is a city wide feature list:

  • + Custom crypto-currency (NuTokyo Credits NCR).
  • + Full multiplayer support including chatting and emotes.
  • + Large map of 600+ areas spread over many districts to explore.
  • + 300+ items to find, clothing, armour, weapons, food and others.
  • + NPC interactions.
  • + Biological scanning of areas for players and NPCs.
  • + Looting mechanics.
  • + Semi-Realtime hunger mechanics.
  • + World containers.
  • + Full RPG style stats.
  • + Casino with multiple games to play.
  • + Scythe hacking module.
  • + 100+ Corporations with their own networks and details.
  • + Approx. 300 available item based missions.
  • + Taxi service including calculated fare.
  • + Duelling system, including weapon, armour and attack type support.
  • + Full procedural news system.
  • + Item swapping between players.
  • + Item Traders for making money!
  • + Food Emporium for when you need sustenance.
  • + Collectable sticker items.
  • + UI customisation.
  • + Realtime clock and day/night cycle.
  • + Trains and taxis.
  • + 2D and 2.5D graphics modes.
  • + 16bit colour matrix graphics and sprites.

Apply For Citizenship

"In just a few moments, I was registered, geo tagged, barcoded, immunized and entered into the system! What a breeze!" ~ John Xelensi

Submissions are closed.

Technical Specification

*subject to change prior to v1.0 release

OUR CURRENCY: NuTokyo Credits

Unlike other cryptocurrencies, NuTokyo Credits (NCR) is held within the NuTokyo 2199 game system and is part-and-parcel. So, instead of traditionally mining the coins (using GPUs/CPUs) you gain them as payment for doing in-game actions like missions, hacking and espionage, there will be various caches of coins you will find through pure exploration as well.

The Node itself is a server package combining an API, Blockchain and a WebSocket server. The API is used by the game client to update the save files and the WebSocket is used for Player-to-Player information.

The NuTokyo Credits Miner and Distributor are encrypted and cannot be changed on the fly. If a person was to change the accepting address from the Node mining. It would reject the mined node and the coins will stay waiting to be mined by the next Node.

We pride ourselves in holding ZERO data on you or any of our users. During gameplay NOTHING personal is collected from players. Further to this all tracking has been removed from our website. Making every player an anonymous entity.

The coins will be mined by the Nodes and only by CPU. Mining will be provided by a bot that is part of the NuTokyo 2199 server package. These bots will continually mine and pump its coins into a singular address (aka. The NuTokyo Credits Distributor).

This is a system that will hold all mined coins until players require them. I.e. a Server Node has been mining NuTokyo Credits for a while and has 50,000 of them. Then a player gets a reward of 5000 NuTokyo Credits for completing a mission, the NCD will distribute the coins from their wallet to the player automatically.

There are currently 3 ranks:
Runners - find bugs, get paid
Architects - add story, graphics, sound etc, get paid
NullTerm - provide code, get paid

At game release you will get the NCR to that character AND you will get the following:
Runners - 1000 NCR
Architects - 3000 NCR
NullTerm - 5000 NCR

ALL of these ranks will get their name in the credits of the game

Contributors to NuTokyo 2199, either by writing content, providing graphics or any other in-game data will be credited 0.01% on game launch.

Developers of NuTokyo Credits will be credited 0.02% (20,000 NCR) on game launch.


2 NCR New citizen gift (enough for 500 actions)
Total Possible Blocks: 1,000,000
Mining Reward: 20.00 NCR
Maximum Coin Release: 20,000,000 NCR
Transaction Fee: 0.001 NCR
Transactions possible per block: 500
Difficulty curve: Flat

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NuTokyo 2199
NuTokyo 2199
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